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The Students for the Temple Mount movement is the only movement that includes religious and secular people who work together for the Temple Mount. The movement numbers many dozens of activists, who all have in common is a disagreement with the current situation on the Temple Mount.
Over the past few years, we have worked extensively for the Temple Mount: in the legal arena, in meetings with ministers and Knesset members, in establishing a lobby for the Temple Mount in the Knesset,
In line, in outreach activities and of course in raising many Jews to the Temple Mount.
Our goal is to connect the people of Israel to the Temple Mount and bring about a change in the situation, the correction of discrimination and the return of the Temple Mount to the entire people of Israel.


Ascents to the Temple Mount, lectures, workshops and a variety of activities to promote the Temple Mount


Connecting the hearts of the people to the vision of the Temple Mount


Carrying out information activities and creating content that promotes sovereignty on the Temple Mount and ascent to the Temple Mount


Work to promote the legal issues related to the Temple Mount and the activities around it

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