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Students for the Temple Mount is the only movement in which religious and secular Jews work together for the Temple Mount. The movement has dozens of activists, who all are dedicated to change the current situation on the Temple Mount. Over the past few years, we have worked tirelessly for the Temple Mount: in the courts, in meetings with Ministers and Knesset Members, in establishing a lobby for the Temple Mount in the Knesset, in the media, in outreach activities and of course in assisting many Jews to ascend the Temple Mount.

Our goal is to connect the People of Israel to the Temple Mount and bring about a change in the current situation, ending discrimination and the return of the Temple Mount to the entire People of Israel’s awareness. 

on the ground

Visits to the Temple Mount, lectures, workshops and various activities promoting the Temple Mount.


Spreading information about the site and creating content promoting Israeli sovereignty and Jewish ascendance to the Temple Mount.


Challenging discrimination and promoting Jewish rights on the Temple Mount. Our team


Connecting Jews to the values of the Temple Mount Media

Our team

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The Hebrew University Ariel University Ben-Gurion University Hadassa College